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Avery Graham Restora

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A nearly instant rejuvenation serum that provides superior repair to damage and sluggish skin caused by aging on a molecular level. This serum tightens, smooths, eliminate expression wrinkles and improve overall appearance through our “lightning tight” technology by plumping collagen and inhibiting expression muscle movement, the ability to hydrate by repurposing already evaporated moisture from the air and upper dermis, and encouraging natural capacity to firm through muscle contraction. 

SHORT TERM: Immediately Tightens. As soon as serum is applied, patients feel the effect of our high yield “Lightning Tight” technology. 

LONG TERM: Continues to Tighten, Hydrate, Improve Appearance of Devitalized Skin. After four weeks of consistent use, the benefits and results will begin to compound and last longer.


Step 1: “Lightning Tight” Technology 

High Molecular Weight Proteins Rapidly Synchronize to the Cellular Matrix of the Skin’s Surface to Provide an Immediate & Perceivable Tightening Effect.

Step 2: Indulge The Moisture Mantle 

Develop lasting hydration through a combination of ingredients that absorb moisture via evaporation from both the air and deep dermis to fill dehydrated spheres in the upper layers of the dermis.  

Step 3: Target Expression Muscles 

Inhibits Neurotransmitters from the Motor Neuron to Impede Muscular Contractions. Skin Surface Appears Smoother & Line Depth Decreases.

SKIN TYPE: Mature/Dehydrated, Mature/Oily 

Instructions For Use: For best results, apply to thoroughly cleaned, dry skin and after toner. With your fingertips, apply a thin layer of serum where a lift is desired. Serum may be applied to the face, neck, under the eye and décolleté. For maximum benefit, use both morning and evening. Can be layered over Trifecta Resurfacing Serum or Active Glycolic Serum and any other moisturizers. 


**As this is a new product, packaging may vary from photo**

Avery Graham Restora