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Between bad food and bad habits, you know your body probably isn’t as “clean” as you want it to be.

Cleanse is part of LeanBiotics®, a patent-pending, weight management program developed by Dr. David H. Rahm to favorably alter your gut microbiome and support a healthy weight.

LeanBiotics Cleanse’s proprietary formula helps to cleanse your microbiome.  By cleansing your digestive tract, you ready it for the introduction of beneficial bacteria.

LeanBiotics Cleanse is formulated with a blend of 10 herbs to support the body’s natural gastrointestinal detoxification processes and digestive health plus Cascara sagrada to promote regularity.

Jump start your weight loss program with LeanBiotics Cleanse. 

  • An ideal companion while conducting a periodic cleanse or detox program (e.g., during spring and fall).
  • Formulated with 250 mg of Cascara sagrada, a natural herbal laxative which helps restore and promote regularity.
  • Herbs yellow dock, licorice root, oregano leaf and Oregon grape provide balance and cleansing support.
  • Milk thistle helps eliminate toxins and excess waste, and protects and promotes liver health to assist your body’s natural detoxification processes.
  • The carminative herbs ginger and peppermint help soothe and calm your digestive system and minimize gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • The high mucilage content of marshmallow coats, lubricates and soothes your digestive tract.
  • Bitter herbs burdock and dandelion stimulate digestive function, and their high inulin content promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • 100% natural product that is non-GMO and is suitable for vegetarians.
  • Bottle of 60 vegan capsules contains 30-day supply.

For best results, take in combination with LeanBiotics Probiotic and LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix.

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