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 Canister & Single-Serving Packets

LeanMeal RS is part of LeanBiotics®, a patent-pending, weight management program developed by Dr. David H. Rahm to favorably alter your gut microbiome and support a healthy weight. 

As an excellent source of protein and fiber, LeanMeal RS promotes muscle tone and supports healthy digestion.  Whether you’re looking for a nutritionally balanced meal or a just a healthy snack, LeanMeal RS keeps you feeling full and satisfied. 

Get balanced nutrition for yourself and the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome.

  • Formulated with 18 grams of whey protein concentrate, a complete high-quality protein, to support lean muscle mass. Higher protein diets in conjunction with regular exercise are associated with increased thermogenesis and retention of muscle mass.
  • Formulated with 8 grams of Fibersol®, a special type of soluble fiber.  Fibersol® supports a healthy weight by creating a sense of fullness and delaying post-meal hunger. Fibersol® also slows the rise of blood sugar after a meal and nourishes the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract.
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners which can change the composition and function of gut bacteria. Sweetened with a combination of stevia, monk fruit and Zerose™ and just 1 gram of sugar per serving.
  • Fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals. One serving is an excellent source of these important micronutrients so you can make sure you’re getting these in your diet.
  • Powder mixes easily with water or soy, almond or 1% low-fat milk.
  • Available in great tasting French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate.
  • Bulk Canister contains 18 servings.
  • Each single-serving Packet contains 1 serving. Box of 10 Packets contains 10 servings. 

For best results, prepare LeanMeal RS shakes using LeanBiotics Drink Mix Bottle, and take in combination with LeanBiotics Cleanse and LeanBiotics Probiotic.

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