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Trifecta Peel

Exclusively offered in plastic surgeon and dermatology offices. 

Utilizing an advanced, multilevel delivery system, The Trifecta Peel targets each layer of damage with superior exfoliation and correction. Addressing the full spectrum of your unique needs requires the flexible, high-yield technology that only The Trifecta Peel can provide. Be firm, hydrated, and “photo-finish” ready while addressing deeper issues such as skin density, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, collagen stimulation and sun damage. Experience “The Trifecta Effect” with the added benefit of no down time. It’s both your every day peel and your only choice for major events. Call to learn where you can get your Trifecta Peel today! 


Trifecta Peel

Combining the Clinical with the Luxurious

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