Warm Ginger Cognac Collection Set

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A perfect set for gift-giving or a little self-indulgence during the cold winter months and Holiday season! 

Body Wash: Embrace the sensation of complete comfort and peace with our Warm Ginger Cognac Wash  as the fiery essence and ancient scent of ginger evokes the senses, creating a medicinal environment for both the mind and body that relaxes, heals, and revitalizes.  Ideal for either a glorious morning wake-up or a stress-reducing evening soak.

Body Lotion: Nourish your skin with our Warm Ginger Cognac Lotion as therapeutic ginger soothes inflammation, stimulates circulation, and relieves muscle pain in a unique formaultion that is never greasy.  Delightful to the senses for a cashmere soft start to your day or a hydrating snuggle at night. 

Body Creme: This body treatment is thick, yet light on the skin and designed to provide nourishment throughout the day to replenish dry and dehydrated skin. A decadent, yet non-greasy formula that is long-lasting, gentle, and effective.   

This Warm Ginger Cognac Collection includes the Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Creme


This Item Is Seasonal, Will Return in Fall


Warm Ginger Cognac Collection Set