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Linda Cates of Kansas

Linda’s Story: “When asked over the years if there was something I would change about myself my reply was never a common one - my wish has always been to have Porcelain skin. I've been to Dermatologists, Aestheticians, read books, tried numerous lines of products, had facial peels, office procedures and nothing ever takes care of my very oily skin and large pores. Often products have made things worse. I've been faced with acne for decades, to the point of embarrassment as a young adolescent and into adulthood.” 

Linda’s MAP System Experience: “In a few short months I have seen the cysts and other acne related skin conditions on my face disappear.  My pores actually look smaller and my face is cleaner, clearer and brighter.  The last time I was with a group of people that I hadn't seen for awhile more than one person commented on how good my skin looks and asked me what I was doing. Receiving the Avery Graham products... has been a life changer.  Many thanks to Elizabeth Cardarelli for loving her craft, sharing her experience and formulating a skin care line that truly works.” 

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