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— Trifecta Peel —

Created By Elizabeth A. Cardarelli and
Selected As A Premiere Treatment For Aestheticians By DermaScope Magazine

Utilizing an advanced, multilevel delivery system, The Trifecta Peel targets each layer of damage with superior exfoliation and correction. Addressing the full spectrum of your unique needs requires the flexible, high-yield technology that only The Trifecta Peel can provide. Be firm, hydrated, and “photo-finish” ready while addressing deeper issues such as skin density, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, collagen stimulation and sun damage.

Experience “The Trifecta Effect” with the added benefit of no down time. It’s both your every day peel and your only choice for major events. Each step is a full treatment on its own, but can be taken to greater level by layering with the next step.

How Does The Trifecta Peel Work?

This formula uses a targeted delivery system that enhances results and minimizes downtime throughout its signature slow release of active ingredients into the skin. This technology was inspired by our international award winning and cornerstone of The Restoration Collection, The Trifecta Serum.

Step 1: Developed for all skin types, but especially HyperPigmented, Environmentally Stressed, and Mature. Packed with powerful fruit acids, natural antioxidant and collagen boosting ingredients, Trifecta Peel Step 1 is an exceptional exfoliation treatment. Without irritation, this aromatic clinical mask smoothes skin, remedies the appearance of acne/blemish lesions, reduces wrinkles and evens pigmentation to brighten skin. Step 1 is also noted for it’s signature scent of decadent cherries.

Step 2: This rapidly exfoliating glycolic gel formulation will dissolve the intercellular cement responsible for abnormal cell build-up; thus, improving skin that is photo damaged by addressing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles while resurfacing the skin for even texture and tone. This glycolic peel will also enhance hydration by increasing the skin’s ability to bind water to the stratum (top layer of the epidermis). Furthermore, this acid peel will help clear clogged pores for acne-prone skin.

Step 3: This non-irritating formula smoothes fine lines, hydrates, addresses hyperpigmentation to create skin that is more pliable, flexible and resilient. Trifecta Step 3 can be layered on skin after Trifecta Step 2 or can be used alone to enhance brightness, firmness and give skin a lasting radiance long after a normal peel.

The Trifecta Peel is the perfect combination of clinical and natural ingredients to replenish and deeply exfoliate skin after it’s been compromised by every day occurrences like sun damage, pollution, harsh weather and climate conditions, that wear down its integrity. Feel tight and bright in 1-3 steps as the Trifecta Peel works in synergy with each part to address the full spectrum of skincare concerns: hyperpigmetnation, fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration as it stimulates collagen production, increases cellular turnover for full resurfacing with NO IRRITATION, REDNESS, FLAKING or PEELING.