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— EndyMed™ RF Micro-Needling —

This innovative way of “super-charging” traditional micro-needling quickly smoothes wrinkles, tightens skin, and improves texture, scarring and stretch-marks by stimulating new collagen production deep within dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin. Some patients also experience subtle contouring around the targeted region. EndyMed™ treatments make skin appear more youthful with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime.

How Does EndyMed™’s Microneedling Work?

EndyMed™ is superior to all other microneedle treatments today, and unlike all other microneedle applicators in the industry, only EndyMed’s RF Microneedle handpiece has unique smooth glide needle insertion technology that provides comfortable and safe treatments with no bruising, bleeding or side-effects.


Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that promotes healing when injected due to its high concentrations of growth factors. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot which is beneficial for skin rejuvenation. It also contains proteins that support cell growth.

Researchers have produced PRP by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it. Injecting PRP into damaged tissues will stimulate the body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing. Because the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections, researchers think the body’s tissues may heal faster. Used to “supercharge” micro-needling, PRP uses patient’s own growth factor and stem cells to stimulate collagen and act as a “brick and mortar” system.

Patients see immediate changes in texture, tone, brightness. Results are cumulative and are better with repetition. Essentially, micro-needling with PRP stops the aging process as it continually regenerates healthy cells. It is especially good for someone who is sensitive, has scarring or stretch marks.