With a noble passion and 20 years of experience, Avery Graham combines the clinical with the luxurious, blending pharmaceutical reparative ingredients with natural botanical and plant extracts.

— our story —

Avery Graham’s NameSake

How does a story begin? Most likely, without you even knowing. When I stand here and look back, it all seemed to have a flow with intention, that each step was creating momentum to bring me to this point. Though at the time I did not realize it, each part was designed and executed with purpose, intention and a mission. I always said that I would build my practice one patient at a time and that if I could make that patient happy, than hopefully it would lead to my next. My Avery Graham story began when I read the first page of my grandmother’s bible and admired her father’s name. Avery Graham Jones 1894-. I remarked to her that someday I would name my child Avery Graham. It seems with the opening of our new flagship, Avery Graham Aesthetics, I am reminded of all the little moments that have created my story. From admiring my grandmother’s father’s name to being a candy striper at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, roaming the halls at Penn, helping the nurses and doctors care for patients, learning how to make a perfect bed and acknowledging the small details that can make someone feel better and help them along, I realize now my story has come full circle and all these small little details have brought me to one place. Avery Graham is a reflection of my noble grandfather; hence, Avery Graham Noble Skincare’s name.

After 26 years of practicing as a clinical aesthetician, and pioneering the field of paramedical aesthetics with top docs, plastics surgeons and dermatologists, I realize that all aspects of caring for patients, creating innovative products, being on the cutting edge of advances in technology and even returning back to Penn Medicine with my custom skincare creations, brought me to open our first flagship Avery Graham aesthetic practice. This is how my story began, and now I am looking forward to creating my next chapter.


Avery Graham Aesthetics Flagship

Avery Graham's philosophy is based on its own mantra of "combining the clinical with the luxurious." In that spirit and with commitment to honoring Philadelphia's history, Avery Graham proudly establishes its flagship on the foundation of the ever-beloved, iconic WPEN building. Furthermore, this company dedicates itself fully to deliver the best technologies for all things health, wellness and skincare by designing a visually captivating space that aligns itself with the ancient science of stress-free living while simultaneously educating, caring for and introducing our patrons to premier experts of the health and aesthetic industry. No longer will patients choose between clinical results and worldly restoration; these experiences, at Avery Graham, are not mutually exclusive. Avery Graham is Philadelphia's sole guide to finally having superior care given with the highest intelligence, intuition, integrity, authenticity and passion. 

— profile —

Elizabeth A. Cardarelli is known as one of the most trusted practitioners of paramedical esthetics. As a pioneer in the field, she has developed a myriad of proprietary products for medical practices as well as the Avery Graham Skincare line. Elizabeth has spent her life seeking out the most effective and advanced formulas for skin care solutions. As a skin care expert and coach with twenty years of experience, she has formed associations with top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and research scientists to advance the integration of skin care and medicine.

Years ago, when the field of Aesthetics was just burgeoning, Elizabeth became a Licensed Clinical Aesthetician and founded a successful skin care clinic and “About Face” skincare products. She went on to form professional alliances with several of the country’s top plastic surgeons. Elizabeth presently works with deme, a collaborative of medical professions whose main emphasis is the aesthetics of one’s face and body.

Combining the clinical with the luxurious, Avery Graham products combine concentrations of botanical and plant extracts with pharmaceutical reparative ingredients. The perfect compound of wellness, science, and nature. Avery Graham's Puriety Collection is offered as an exclusive amenity at Penn Medicine's Pavilion, a unique personalized patient option offered at one of the nation's top healthcare providers, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth believes wholly in the practice of a healthy lifestyle and it’s impact on the quality of skin. Her boutique concierge practice is reflected in her commitment to continuity of care for her patients and is evidenced in the efficacy of her personalized treatments and custom products. With programs designed specifically for various skin conditions, Elizabeth treats the full range of concerns from acne to aging skin specializing in Pixel Skin Resurfacing, Laser Hair Removal, and Intensed Pulsed Light with a focus on maintenance, preservation, and rejuvenation.

“I love seeing my patients' skin change. My approach is very different... you must address the inside to see the results on the outside. It's an amazing transformation to the better you! A purity revealed each day.”

Beth Cardarelli

— staff —

Samantha Harders

Director of Avery Graham Skincare

As the director of Avery Graham Noble Skincare, Samantha’s main focus is to manufacture and create custom pharmaceutical skincare formulations for plastic surgeons, dermatologists and elite hospital concierge programs such as Penn Passport and Penn Pavilion. She combines strong product knowledge with excellence in customer service where she identifies and optimizes operational performance. In this role, she strategizes product and brand development and oversees product training for professionals in the industry. Her qualifications in business development include a BS in International Business and Management from Dickinson College. 

Ashley M. Hayden

Licensed Medical Aesthetician 

Cultivating her passion for skincare, science, and hospitality, Ashley’s pursuit of aesthetics came shortly after earning a BS in Biology and Chemistry at Gwynedd Mercy College. As a uniquely diverse and well-rounded Licensed Medical Esthetician, her practice for treating skin focuses on the body as a whole, beginning with diet and lifestyle, while finishing with products and services to foster your best self. After mentoring Ashley for 2 years, Elizabeth decided to take her under her wing to reach her the ins-and-outs of advanced skincare, patient expectations and a commitment to excellence in every detail. Ashley is a model student and is dedicated to her craft. Her philosophies are in direct alignment with Avery Graham’s values to emphasize a systematic relationship between health, wellness and skincare for superior care and results.

Jennifer DiMaio Petroski

Patient Coordinator

Although known for her extensive knowledge of skincare, injectables and facial surgery, it is Jennifer’s commitment to customer service, her effortless ability to listen to, guide and help each patient with honesty, warmth and integrity that makes having her as Avery Graham’s Patient Coordinator such an honor. 

Jennifer said it best, “everyday I show up to work with a smile and a positive attitude. I want to make each and every person feel welcome, understood and well taken care of. Most importantly, I want people to know they can trust me and that I have their best interest at heart.  Knowing I am able to maintain a comfortable rapport with every client is truly what makes me feel happy and blessed."

Marina Lancellotti Lesser

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Marina’s quiet confidence is due in part to her extensive background in dermatology. Her experience in derm-aesthetics allowed her to learn from complex cases that many aestheticians never have the opportunity to see in their careers. Her skilled ability to “read” skin along with a strong attention to detail and safety, especially when practicing the more advanced skin rejuvenation services such as IPL, fractional laser, laser hair removal to ensure exceptional efficacy and results for our patients. Marina is a testament to Avery Graham’s commitment to providing your best care by creating an elite category in a new standard in aesthetics.

Janine P. Slater, LME

Specializing in Permanent Make-Up, Corrections, Microblading (including post-chemo treatment application), and Lash Extensions

As featured in Allure Magazine  and Fox 29, Janine’s journey designing her renowned face-framing brows and lashes began with a mission to help boost her grandmother’s spirits while experiencing the hair-loss side effects of battling ovarian cancer. Promising herself to continue to help others, Janine mastered the ability to combine her skillset, a keen eye for detail and a deep-guided intuition to create artisanally bladed brows and enhanced lashes. Her lash strategy is simple: keep it simple. For microblading, Janine’s unique technique of mixing feathered and microscopic strokes mimic single strands of hair to shape and fill a natural looking brow that elegantly compliments each patient’s face. Like Avery Graham’s philosophy, Janine’s gentle nature and precise methodology reflects her belief in taking her time with each patient to ensure that the quality of their treatment far exceeds their expectations.