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Trifecta - Nightly Resurfacing Serum

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Winner: Product Of The Year and Serum Of The Year For 2016!

"Nominated by an educational committee of international aesthetic professionals, voted for by industry leaders and the loyal readers of world renowned. Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine, Trifecta is LNE Spa’s Best Product and Serum of The Year for 2016 out of a record breaking 42 categories!"

Why is Trifecta the winner? Because it's the first retinol combination serum that is designed for everyone with no downtime and all the results, start today!


When the body is best able to renew itself during sleep, Trifecta restores what the enemy has taken. Resurface, retexture and revitalize areas of unforgiveness with the science of restoration and our hallmark blend of retinol, glycolic and lactic acid. “If you are not resurfacing, you are aging!”

RESTRUCTURE - REGENERATE - RESURFACE - RETEXTURE - Restore The Avery Graham Difference: Enhanced & Encapsulated Retinol

Technologically superior, Trifecta systematically releases micro-encapsulated retinol to gradually penetrate throughout the night to ensure continual cell regeneration for exceptional results and efficacy. Use The Best Acid Combination To Address The Worst Signs Of Aging

When should I start Using Trifecta? The benefits of using Trifecta, starting in your 20s through your 80s, will continue correction while maintaining what is naturally yours. “Three Principal Ingredients Combined for The Perfect Trifecta” NOTE: Use 2-3 times weekly, at night.  Can be layered with Active Glycolic Serum for extra resurfacing benefits.  Discontinue use 7 days prior to waxing or similar skincare procedures.

This serum is to be used under the supervision of a skincare professional; thus, is not available online for sale with a special passcode.  If you are a patient of ours or a new customer, Please call (215) 544-2212 to order! 

Trifecta - Nightly Resurfacing Serum