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Avery Graham Illuminating Eye Gel

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Recommended Skin Type: all, but especially oily/combination, mature, aging and hyperpigmented.


Illuminating Eye Gel is a gel formulation that eliminates darkness under the eyes by targeting its main two causes: accumulation of melanin and dilated blood vessels that release heme. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory benefits and rich extracts work together to strengthen capillaries and reactive micro-circulation to prevent future occurrences of dark circles and inflammation. 

**ABOUT OUT BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO** After only one week of treatment, using Illuminating Eye Gel exclusively, this Avery Graham patient recorded and reported a significant and noticeable difference in dark circles and “puffiness.” She felt her overall appearance seemed healthier and that other people  commented that she looked “better,” as if she had received a good nights sleep. 

Here are highlights from volunteer clinical studies for ingredients featured in this formulation: 

67% felt an immediate lifting effect. 

Dark circles reduced by 64% after 4 weeks of treatment. 

81% could see an improvement in the appearance of skin around their eyes following 8 weeks of use.

Avery Graham Illuminating Eye Gel
Avery Graham Illuminating Eye Gel