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Kombucha Dew

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Addressing the Past, Present & Future Serum

Introducing our extraordinary Kombucha Dew Revitalizing Serum – a skincare innovation that transcends time to nurture your skin's past, rejuvenate its present, and safeguard its radiant future. With a harmonious blend of cutting-edge ingredients, this serum is a potent elixir for your skin's vitality.

As you apply Kombucha Dew, you're inviting your skin on a transformative journey. These potent elements work harmoniously to infuse your skin's very essence, reawakening it to a state of unparalleled energy and radiance.

This innovative restorative complex doesn't just stop at rejuvenation; it goes the extra mile. Essential nutrients and humectants lovingly replenish your skin, fostering resilience and promoting visibly revitalized results.


"I created this serum that was thin and lays very lightly on your skin for all skin types. It won't interfere with your other layering serums or products. It addresses the past present and future. Because we all have damage from the past, we want to look our healthiest and know that in the present moment we are doing the best for our skin and will reap the benefits for the future! Kombucha Dew is your daily healthy nourishment for your skin."

Kombucha Dew