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Oud Maracujá

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Getaway: maracujá sun, crocodile heat, amber mangroves, fading light. Stop: a copper-colored hut, rambutan rose, vanilla darkness. A fiery, woody ritual! Oud passion.

The defining adventure: a passion fruit tasting in remote oud wood forests.

The surprising contrast: the richness of oud wood, contrasted by exotic and luminous passion fruit notes.

Fragrance family: exotic, woody and fruity (vegan).

Key raw materials: passion fruit accord, saffron, rose absolute from Turkey ORPUR, oud accord, benzoin from Laos ORPUR, cistus absolute from Spain ORPUR, leather accord, patchouli oil from Indonesia ORPUR, vanilla, akigalawood.


Oud Maracujá
Oud Maracujá