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Avery Graham The Silver Lining Collection Kit #3: It's The Little Things

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Designed to add a little "something" special to your normal routine. Whether you're feeling down, tired or sluggish - our hope is that these "little things" make a "big difference" and act as a pick-me-up for your spirits and your skin alike. This kit includes an under-eye patch treatment and our beloved Sleep + Glow mist. 

Under-Eye Patche For Relief Of Puffy + Tired Eyes: These cosmetic gel plasters are designed for intensive care and regeneration of the periorbital area. This eye mask immediately corrects the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles, eliminates puffiness around the eyes, improves the skin complexion and helps correct the existing age pigmentation under the eyes, including ethnic pigmentation. This product has an immediate smoothing effect and may be used not only as a regular part of a skincare regime, but also as an eye mask to achieve an instant ‘WoW’ effect, e.g. before professional makeup. Regular use of this mask will deeply moisturize the skin, significantly improve its elasticity and reduce fine lines. This product is suitable for all the skin types and phototypes at any age. Box comes with 8 sets of eye patches! 

Sleep + Glow Mist: Avery Graham delivers a new category in restorative therapies for sleep: an aromatic face mist that combines hydrating properties to soothe and cleanse skin throughout the evening while effervescent essential oils medicinally calm the mind. Restoration and results unite. Jasmine and ylang-ylang evoke a peaceful and relaxing state-of-mind with while clinical properties tone, firm and hydrate the skin for a restorative glow that shines from the inside-out. Comes in glass spray bottle with signature crown ribbon and limited edition pink metallic label! 

Send to a friend to help lift their spirits or treat yourself for some well deserved self care! 


Avery Graham The Silver Lining Collection Kit #3: It's The Little Things