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Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel

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Easy as one...two... three (minutes), this glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid based mask utilizes three clinically active ingredients at their combined maximum use level to work together in symphony and deliver the ultimate at-home anti-oxidant, anti-glycation and anti-stress protection treatment. For extra measure, crushed cherry is added to the mix to rapidly restore a radiant complexion, balancing uneven skin tone with natural tyrosinase inhibiting factors that brighten and illuminate. This delicious smelling treatment encourages cellular respiration while removing devitalized skin cells. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, this quick mask leaves a lasting impression as it’s protection against free radical damages continues long after treatment!

  • Created to promote the production of collagen, for serious exfoliation, skin clarification and tightening, as well as to maintain illumination and results between professional treatments.
  • Addresses dull/dry skin, neck lines, wrinkles, elasticity, sagging, plus provides beta-carotene based protection from free radical damage.
  • This is take-home version of our award winning clinical treatment featuring crushed cherries, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids.
  • Do Not Leave On Skin Longer Than 3 Minutes.


Wild Cherries: Lighten skin and clear dark spots due to anti-inflammatory and tyronaise inhibiting properties. Giving this mask its signature scent, this fragrant fruit is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, etc. Antioxidants further protect against aging caused by free radical damage.

Bromelain: A mixture of protein digesting enzymes found in pineapple juice and stems. Although most known for it’s anti- inflammatory properties, Bromelain is thought to digest the skin’s dead proteins (such as broken down collagen), exfoliate, rebuild collagen and reveal a younger and more even layer of skin.


When sugar enters the body, its molecules migrate and attach to and change fat and protein cells – a process often referred to as glycation. This makes the cells stiffen up, mutate or perish. Unfortunately, collagen and elastin in skin cells are the most susceptible to glycation which in turn takes the form of wrinkles, saggy skin, and a loss of radiance.

Recommended Skin Type: all, hyper-pigmented, environmentally stressed, oily/combination, mature.

Instructions: Perform a patch test to determine sensitivity. You may feel a tingling sensation, this is normal. Cleanse skin and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of product over face and neck. Avoid eye area. Allow to remain on skin for 3-5 minutes, max. If you experience excessive stinging, or irritation occurs, remove immediately. Remove quickly with cold water using  Avery Graham's Finest Facial Tissue

Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel
Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel
Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel
Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel
Avery Graham Trifecta Resurfacing Peel