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Avery Graham The Silver Lining Collection Kit #4: A Night To Remember

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Take a night and make it magical. Let the stress of your day fade while you sit back, light a candle, treat yourself to the ultimate at-home clinical peel and mist yourself with hydration and relaxation... soak it all in. Here, we've created a night to remember with our signature candle, the Trifecta Resurfacing Peel and our beloved Sleep + Glow mist. Gift to a friend to help lift their spirits or treat yourself for some well deserved self care.

Avery Graham's Crown Candle: Even though this product is among the newest additions to the Avery Graham collection, it has quickly become a patient favorites. Our signature scented candle featuring comforting scents of Agar Wood, Sandle Wood, Cedar, Leather, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean. Comes gift wrapped as shown with crown matches! Exceptionally calming. Light to restore peace while you work from home or take a moment to step away from the world and into yourself. 

Trifecta Resurfacing Peel: Easy as one...two... three (minutes), this glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid based mask utilizes three clinically active ingredients at their combined maximum use level to work together in symphony and deliver the ultimate at-home anti-oxidant, anti-glycation and anti-stress protection treatment. For extra measure, crushed cherry is added to the mix to rapidly restore a radiant complexion, balancing uneven skin tone with natural tyrosinase inhibiting factors that brighten and illuminate. This delicious smelling treatment encourages cellular respiration while removing devitalized skin cells. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, this quick mask leaves a lasting impression as it’s protection against free radical damages continues long after treatment! 

Sleep + Glow Mist: Avery Graham delivers a new category in restorative therapies for sleep: an aromatic face mist that combines hydrating properties to soothe and cleanse skin throughout the evening while effervescent essential oils medicinally calm the mind. Restoration and results unite. Jasmine and ylang-ylang evoke a peaceful and relaxing state-of-mind with while clinical properties tone, firm and hydrate the skin for a restorative glow that shines from the inside-out. Comes in glass spray bottle with signature crown ribbon and limited edition pink metallic label!

Avery Graham The Silver Lining Collection Kit #4: A Night To Remember